Hi, I’m New Here…


My name is Ashley Wells and I’m finally penning my first blog post on Paper Tokens.

I’m a 25 year old registered nurse, wife, and pup-parent here in the Pacific Northwest.

If you personally knew me, you’d know I was devoted to academic and professional pursuits for as long as I could remember.  No fun or exciting hobbies for this girl because these endeavors consumed most of my free time.

I graduated from my academic career on June 5th 2015, when I happily walked across a stage to receive my Master’s degree in Nursing. The following morning I woke up with happiness and sheer terror with my first thought being, What do I do now in my free time? 

I’ve always admired, loved, and purchased  paper products. Stationary, greeting cards, planners, paper pads… they definitely made my heart pitter patter.

I can’t pinpoint when or how I fell in love with card making but one blog post or YouTube video rabbit hole later… I became hooked. I’m no expert or professional but this is the first hobby I can think of that I’m genuinely interested and passionate about. I have SO much fun and enthusiasm for this hobby. Real talk… nobody in my immediate personal life cares  about card making the way I do but as you know, human beings want to feel like they belong in a community…

This is why I’m here. To share what I love doing and to hopefully make some friends and fun discoveries/lessons along the way.

Thanks for stopping by to see my paper tokens!

Hello world!





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