My Take| Patterned Paper DIY

Today I knew I wanted to create something but I didn’t know what. Typical problem for many, right?

Today here in the PNW it has been a gorgeous and cheery 80-something degree day. My husband left town for an overnight trip and that left myself and Hank to our own devices. I did errands for most of the morning and then decided the day was too beautiful to pass up. After all, our “PNW Fall” will be here any day now. If you’re not from around here, we mostly experience a whole lot of rain. While everyone is excited for cozy and cool fall days, today I was content to have this warm sunshine and wanted to take advantage of it! Hank and I went to the dog park and ran a couple more doggy-related errands. Hank was exhausted by the time we got home but I wanted to get crafty, even if I didn’t have much of a plan.

I sifted through my supplies and found little bursts of inspiration. All the YouTube videos I’ve been watching from my fave crafters were all fall or holiday (!!!) related, lately.

I don’t know how the idea came about, but I thought it’d be fun to create some fall inspired patterned paper. I was contemplating and staring off into space when my eyes re-adjusted to a canvas piece I did a couple years ago for living room décor. I was inspired by a Brit +Co home décor article which I wish I could give proper credit to as I got a lot of compliments for my canvas! I stared at it for awhile and thought,

I know, I’ll create patterned paper like that canvas! I rummaged through my supplies to get the supplies I’ve used for that canvas piece. It would be nifty to have a picture of this canvas that inspired me, right? I’ll get around to posting it, if you remind me…As I type this, the lighting in our home wouldn’t give the canvas picture justice, so another time then…

Anyway, so how did I end up creating some patterned paper?

I took some watercolor paper and taped it down to a board with some masking tape. I chose watercolor paper because I thought it would hold up better than cardstock, but this was all an assumption and not experience. I mixed up some Mod Podge with a lot of water to create a thin solution, similar to if you made  liquid glue into a watery, runny mess.  I ripped up pieces of different tissue paper in fall colors: two greens, red, yellow, and orange. The most time consuming part comes next. I laid down the tissue paper pieces haphazardly and then would apply a thin layer of Mod Podge solution with a paintbrush. I didn’t care if they overlapped slightly. As the rest of the paper started filling out, I intentionally added certain colors per cluster to help round it out. I let it air dry in the sunshine and then I decided to experiment some more.


On the left side of the picture, I’ve outlined these shapes with a black Sharpie marker. This is what I did for the canvas piece in my living room. It made it bold and the colors of the tissue paper pop! On the right side of the picture, I didn’t use a Sharpie to outline the edges. Instead, I messily stamped a solid leaf image in pigment inks that were closest to the colors of tissue paper I’ve used. One thing I didn’t account for or like was that since the Mod Podge solution left a bit of a slick, uneven surface, my inks didn’t “sit” well on it. If I could change anything, I probably wouldn’t have stamped anything to this background and just left it alone.




Isn’t it crazy the two different looks you can get? I love this tissue paper technique and would love to try it out for a variety of cards and with the use of different tissue paper. I know crafters create patterned paper all the time from using stamps and dies, but I thought it would be fun to create with other supplies.

What do you think? I haven’t made cards with the patterned paper yet. Truth be told, this may just be a product test and I’ll try other colors or layouts to create others. It was a lot of fun and I want to do this again soon!




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