Card Confessionals | 2017 will be more Crafty!


Currently in my part of the PNW, outside temperature is in the very low 30s and snow/ice are covering most of the roadways. I’ve lucked out and I don’t have to commute to work today (my work education class got canceled!) and my next shift is Saturday.

I get to enjoy the day doing whatever the heck I want… so I’m writing this post and will probably work on my next craft project or blog post for the rest of the afternoon… bliss. This is my first of many that will be lumped into “Card Confessionals” (more on that below). I have to warn you, this may be a longer post so I apologize in advance!

This winter season has been a WHIRLWIND so far and I cannot believe how 2017 is almost upon us. I know that changes and resolutions can happen anytime in the year, but call me old-fashioned, but January or even September (due to the numerous years I’ve been in school for a majority of my life so far) symbolize fresh starts, new beginnings, clean slates, etc. Yes, I fall into this camp and I love spending time reflecting, planning, and initiating new changes during these times.


For Paper Tokens, I have spent spurts of time in the past few weeks to scribble down new ideas, goals, and hopes for my blog and crafting endeavors for 2017 which I wanted to share with you.

For those of you who don’t know, I started papercrafting within this past year, including having a crafting Instagram and blog. In just the past several months, I have spent tons of money buying all these fun products and supplies(the struggle is real). I have gotten hooked on crafting. It’s been a stress reliever from my daily nursing grind, challenging different parts of my brain and personality, and so fun participating and interacting with others in the crafting community.

I’ll be honest… I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself because I had this gut feeling if I treated all of this as a big looming obligation instead of a hobby, I’d lose interest. All I knew was that I wanted to create, craft, share, be inspired by other crafters, support crafting businesses and brands, and learn from others. Very broad and generalized goals for myself and Paper Tokens.

In terms of blogging and Instagram, I wanted to create 4 cards  or so to share monthly. I’ll be real, I didn’t have a formalized plan or a planner for this because I wanted this to be fun, not a chore. What I realized though is that if I didn’t make a cognizant effort to create,share and blog… competing interests would take over. Real talk… some weeks I didn’t create, craft, or share because of those competing interests and not prioritizing this crafty time for myself.

Do you know what I realized? When I went a long period of NOT creating, I realized that I became unhappy and restless. The truth of it is, I LOVE cardmaking because it’s a stress reliever, creative outlet, and something satisfying that my professional life and other hobbies don’t satisfy me the same way. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. I love writing and I think that’s partly why I am hooked on this hobby because I can continue this form of self-expression and reflection.  I NEVER would have thought this possible when I started cardmaking. These past few weeks I’ve realized that  I have  to prioritize this crafty time in 2017 as a part of my self-care.

Which brings me to what I want to work on and do in 2017:

  • Continue to craft and write
  • Continue and be consistent in blog posts and Instagram posts
  • Brainstorm new content that will be fun and meaningful for those that support me
  • Share more about myself and my Paper Tokens journey
  • Share my other “paper” interests: Memory Planning and Planner related topics
  • Experiment with new products, new brands, and new techniques
  • Utilize my new Recollections Planner (more on this in the future) to keep me more accountable and organized regarding this hobby
  • Participate in cardmaking challenges
  • Apply for design team opportunities
  • Continue to engage and support other crafters
  • Possibly consider a YouTube channel to share my creations
  • Possibly create small volumes of cards to potentially sell for residual income
  • Possibly consider affiliate marketing like other crafter bloggers

This is just a rough sketch of what I thought about, especially the last three. Please know that if I choose to do affiliate links, I would definitely be transparent in this on my blog. It is something I was told to think about by other bloggers and friends.

One of the points was brainstorming new content ideas. Well, “Card Confessionals” is one of those brainstorming ideas that I plan on introducing to my blog.

As a newer crafter, I looked at social media accounts and YouTube videos lamenting that I was such a “newbie” and not a great crafter compared to so and so. I had crafting sessions that I envisioned having a wonderful card after all of it… and finding that I wasn’t in love with what I was working on and had to scrap it.

But I know for a fact (and thanks for those crafters that keep it real and admit this) not every project is picture perfect or satisfying. Or feeling like it’s worthy to share on social media because other crafters have better pictures or posts showcasing a similar technique or product. But the reality is, there are a lot of crafters and bloggers who only choose to share the pretty and curated  videos, projects, and pictures. This can be discouraging or confusing to new crafters or bloggers.

So when I title something, “Card Confessionals”, it’ll be blog posts where I share  projects that didn’t meet the “pretty” cut (but still were created). Or, maybe to write about topics that crafters/bloggers don’t always share with others… like having technique difficulties, “what was I thinking?!” crafting moments, having a crafty funk, a relevation, a rant or rambling, etc.

What about you? Any new 2017 crafty goals? Suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading such a lengthy post! I hope all the rambling I did will manifest into worthy content for Paper Tokens accounts!





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