2017 Planner for Paper Tokens

As mentioned in my previous post, I have made a goal for me to start using a planner for Paper Tokens so I can keep myself more organized and accountable for being consistent in my crafting and blogging.

For 2017, I settled on a spiral bound, horizontal layout from Michael’s.  For those that are familiar with the PNW in the winter time (although I’m sure this would be applicable to other states too), the natural lighting is limited during the day, making it hard to give a lot of my projects the “picture justice” they deserve (though I’m working on timing when trying to take pics, techniques, location in the house, etc). So click here if you would like to see my new planner off the Michael’s website and learn the specs of it.

It’s a 9″ by 11.5″ planner that is spiral bound and in a horizontal layout. This planner offers a large monthly view and lined daily view.  I specifically chose this large of a planner because of the space it offered. Since I’ll be using this planner to organize projects, posts, ideas and inspiration, I thought I could benefit from the amount of space I’m able to write in. Plus, I have big handwriting so this was another factor. Depending on where you live, this planner’s retail price is $29.99 but if you’re familiar with Michael’s, they often have huge discount coupons you can use (like 40-50% off coupons!).

Some of my ideas for utilizing this planner:

  • Monthly and weekly goals for crafting and blogging
  • Important due dates and deadlines (if I entered a challenge, a contest, design team call application, etc)
  • Mapping out the types of projects I want to tackle within the month
  • Keeping track of numbers (blog posts and numbers from my blog and Instagram)
  • Dates of new releases, sales, blog hops, special promos, etc.
  • Reflections
  • Supply lists
  • Writing down inspiration
  • Writing down dates of webinars, blog posts of others, online classes related to this hobby

What about you? Have you tried using a planner? Any tricks or tips for this?

After I’ve planned and written in it consistently, I will have to do a post for an update!



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