Memory Keeping in the Big Happy Planner | First Attempt

I was inspired to do memory keeping for a couple big reasons. First off, Matt and I both agreed that moving to Dallas is a big deal and should be documented somehow. Second, keeping a memory book will also be a fun and gentle reminder to get out of our comfort zones in this upcoming year since we’ll be in a new city and (new to us) social culture. After all, we need adventures, challenges, and experiences to be able to document in our so-called Texas memory book, so this adds some lighthearted “pressure” to make it count! Lastly, we are excited to be able to look back at this book a year from now at all the new memories we hope to create. While we hope and plan on doing big things, we know that not every day will be a grandiose and celebratory day… and that’s okay! We want to be able to document the little things too and our “firsts” in Texas.

I’m by no means an expert and since this is my first time attempting this, I’ll be doing a lot of experimenting.

Michael’s was having a big planner sale in early December. I picked up a Big Happy Planner (made by Me & My Big Ideas, aka MAMBI if you want to look them up on social media) for only $15, instead of the regular price of $29.99. I also picked up a couple more value sticker books: Quotes (427 stickers), Alphabet (4,180 stickers) and Memory Planning (472 pieces), which retail $19.99 normally (be on the lookout for coupons!). Back in January, I also purchased an HP Sprocket, which is relatively new to the market. Like the Polaroid Zip and Fujifilm Instax, it can print 2×3 sized adhesive-backed mini photos on special paper called ZINK paper. I chose this portable photo printer due to the positive reviews and how the printed photo also fits into the Happy Planner boxes perfectly.



This Is Your Year undated BIG Happy Planner
I used the Me & My Big Ideas Alphabet value sticker book to customize this ownership page
Monthly view in the planner. Personally unsure of how I want to utilize these pages in the future
How cute is the HP Sprocket?! Just picked up those Paper Mate Flair pens and had my sticker books nearby to find the perfect ones to accent my layout!

First Impressions

It took longer than I anticipated! It took me probably an hour to do both weeks because of printing the photos, deciding the layout, writing out the memories, and flipping through my stash of stickers and washi tape to decorate. I had to remind myself to not overthink this because it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing. SO WHAT if my stickers are a bit crooked and my handwriting a little loopy? Easier said than done for this perfectionist but I’ll survive, HA! First time using Paper Mate Flair pens in a planner and pleased to report no bleed through!

The week of February 13 to February 19th
The week of February 20th to February 26th

Like I said, this is about experimenting too so I’ll have to try out if it works out better for me to do bits and pieces throughout the week or just during one sit-down session. Do I take a photo everyday or just for the big or note-worthy life moments? What constitutes as “note worthy”? Do I keep notes in my phone of the daily stuff so I can write about it during the weekend? See, these are the things I started to think about. I should probably explore some social media accounts to see tips and tricks from seasoned memory keepers.

Thanks for sticking through my memory keeping musings. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Comment below if you have any tips, tricks, or questions!


Crafting Hiatus | Quick Life Update

I apologize that it has been a month or so, since I have created a card and shared it on IG or here on the blog.

As I’m sitting here writing out this post, even I can’t believe what I’m going to be sharing in the following sentence… We’ve moved to Dallas, Texas! YES!

Back in the fall, Matt and I decided we wanted to try a new life adventure. We have no kids, don’t own a house, and well… nothing definitive rooting us back in the Pacific Northwest. So over dinner at a local brewery last October, we did a process of elimination and pros/cons of each place we were contemplating. We went in November to visit the Dallas Fort Worth area and then December was spent applying and interviewing at multiple organizations.

We just arrived last week and as to be expected… still unpacking and still trying to get our bearings.

I wanted to hop on here and just let you all know why I’ve been MIA. Granted, I’ll have to be doing some adjusting and experimenting to see how crafting will fit into my new schedule and flow in the upcoming weeks (months?) but I’m super motivated and excited to get back into it!

To also document this upcoming year of change and new experiences, I’m going to try my hand at memory planning! More to come on this as I get into it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’m hoping to come back asap!