Musings on the Crafty Community | Card- Confessionals

As I’ve shared before, I’ve only been crafting for a relatively short time… since the beginning of 2016. One of my favorite things about crafting that I totally didn’t anticipate was the friendliness, support and sense of community in this hobby!

Perhaps this is a no-brainer but to be honest, I’ve never had a real and consistent personal hobby until card making. I have always been into my academic and professional pursuits, it was rare for me to do anything consistently or passionately “for fun” in my down time.

I write on my blog and I also share my crafty things on Instagram. To get my daily dose of inspiration, I follow and subscribe to many diverse crafters, letterers, planners, and paper crafters. For the superficial perks, it allows me to keep up to date on brands, companies, new releases, trends, and items that go on my never ending “To Buy” wish list.

But my touchy-feely reason for loving this crafty community is how wonderful everyone is to one another. Yes, I’m sure you notice the trolls and haters on social media and you think to yourself, “How can you say that about so and so?!”. I’m lucky that I haven’t encountered a troll or a Negative Nancy yet. But the encouragement and support I witness daily outweighs all the negativity and reassures me that the crafty community is so awesome!
I love how people “like” and comment on one another’s content, do shout-outs of one another, and promote one another’s projects and products. I love when our favorite crafters have “real talk” and reassure us that crafting isn’t always perfect or eye appealing; that you may end up abandoning or scrapping a project you started. Or you end up unsure of your project but when you reach completion, you end up loving it a lot.

Sometimes I become unsure or discouraged by my crafting or photo taking abilities. It’s also easy to want to compare myself to others and feel like I’m not as talented. Real talk, sometimes I feel vain thoughts like I can’t create a quality card because I don’t have or can’t afford certain supplies.

It’s in our human nature to have the desire to feel a sense of belonging and community, and it’s the little things like interacting with one another that can make a difference and bring a smile to someone’s face (yours and the recipient). We all have something to offer or share. We all can inspire and learn from one another.

I have a small following and occasional comments left on social media. The likes, the comments, and occasional company repost of my IG photo lifts my heart up and instantly puts me in a good mood that boosts my crafty confidence. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at my cheesiness, but I felt inclined to encourage you today to give back to other crafters.

Please take the time to support and encourage your fellow crafters by interacting with them on their social media accounts, taking the time to write them a quick e-mail if you feel inclined to ask a question or give encouragement, or participate in the blog hops and challenges.

I’m so thankful to be a part of a community like this and reassures me that this hobby is worth the time, effort, and money I’ve invested in it so far.


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