DeskGlam Unboxing and First Impression

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and some of the planner accounts I followed were re-posting a “Rep search” for a hot-pink company I’ve never heard of before. I found myself going down a rabbit hole clicking on the associated hashtags before landing on @deskglam’s account.

You can read more about DeskGlam here  but essentially, it’s a subscription box service offering pretty yet productive desk and office supplies. For those that don’t know, I’ve moved from doing bedside nursing to a mostly, desk-bound office job. I’m still getting used to this career transition and I told myself a couple weeks ago “If I’m going to be in an office, I need cute supplies!” that have some personality yet are functional. Surprisingly, a lot of random hospital personnel and nurses end up in my office and I’ve seen a lot of them scanning or touching my office supplies (kind of weird to me, but I digress).  Hopefully if I start finding and accumulating cute supplies, these same people won’t be walking away with my pretty things!

Disclaimer: I purchased this box personally and in no way was I solicited to write this or review this service or product. I just wanted to share in case it was something you personally may be interested in.

What was Advertised

From DeskGlam’s website FAQ itself , a monthly box should consist of products that are worth $60 or more of unique, colorful and inspiring office/work supplies packaged in a bright pink box. One thing I thought was cool was that each month will feature many new “creativepreneurs’” products so it’s not product brands you may necessarily see on the shelves of big stores. Since I’ve been in the crafting community, I realize the importance of supporting small businesses, so this was a fun perk.

How Does it Work and how much?

From the website, you sign up for a monthly subscription (starting at $24.99 plus shipping) or you can just purchase one box like I did. Around the 15th of each month, it should be shipping out or on  your door step! What I’ve learned in some update e-mails and on the website, there are limited spots per month in receiving a box. So you may find that the demand and popularity is pretty big, so you’ll need to be put on a wait list to receive one.

First Impressions

I did receive my May box via USPS and it was indeed a bright, hot pink box! I don’t think this was the fault of DeskGlam, but I noticed that my box was moderately dinged, scuffed, and damaged with a couple of holes. Luckily, my products weren’t damaged so that wasn’t a turn off for me, although the box would have been super cute to re-use. I think because there was a hole in my box, there was the opportunity for some dirt or grime to enter, which I found a couple smudges on a couple of my white products.

All the items were put together neatly in pretty pink tissue paper. At the top of the packaging was a handwritten note from the founder, Cristin. What a nice touch!

Here are the items I’ve received from this month:

  • Light blue nail file
  • Two black and gold dotted cards with white envelopes
  • Four mini erasers of popsicles, an orange, and the word Hot
  • Three bright and cheery binder clips
  • Mini flag banner
  • Blue Poppin mini journal
  • Mechanical pencil with pineapples. Side note: Cute and clever, the only thing that let you know it was a mechanical pencil (instead of a regular pencil) is the lead point!
  • Pen with pineapples
  • Three file folders with different designs (they look handmade)
  • Three colorful tassel paper clips







It was clear which items were created by which company(ies), but a majority of my box had products from a company called Purposeful Indulgence.

I’m glad I satisfied my curiosity for DeskGlam because the products made me smile and they are much cuter than the normal and plain office supplies you’d typically see. I must not have read too much on the website because I was a bit surprised that some of the products like the file folders appeared hand-made (washi tape or some kind of vinyl design). I could totally be wrong but now that I’ve read that these boxes can showcase independent creativepreneurs, it makes sense there is a handmade component. The website and customer service experience was good and I didn’t have to reach out to them for anything. I don’t think I will continue to subscribing every month due to personal financial reasons. At this point, the shipping costs may be the biggest con for me. Last I’ve checked, it’s about $9.99 and that stacks up with the already $24.99 cost per month. I think I may buy a box (if there’s room on the list since I’ve canceled the monthly option) every other month or once a quarter.

Overall, I’m happy to have supported this company and I hope they succeed! Not going to lie, sometimes I’m a bit critical as a consumer (never want to waste money!) but I didn’t do that with this post because it was their first box and I’m sure the upcoming weeks and months will be an opportunity for feedback and growth. I wish DeskGlam all the best as I think this is an awesome idea and I’m excited to see how this company will grow.

If you’re interested in seeing more, check this company out on Instagram! The IG handle is @deskglam and @purposefulindulgence . DeskGlam’s hashtag is #prettyproductivity, so cute to see more inspiration!





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