June Crafty Challenge

Earlier this week, I had an epiphany that I have personally been spending too much money on crafting and planner supplies. I spent some time during Memorial Day weekend making online purchases because of some great sales. I was eagerly waiting for my items to arrive and to get some inspiration, I went on YouTube to watch some of my favorite planners, bloggers and crafters use these new items I purchased.

I was watching one blogger show all the viewers her massive stash of planner supplies where she admitted a lot of it was unused and that she had multiple duplicates of certain products that were still unused… but she proceeded to share she purchased MORE items! I watched another video of one my favorite crafters light-heartedly share she purchased some supplies that will just be a part of her collection and hoarded stash that “I’ll probably never use but that’s okay, it’s pretty to look at”.

I think we live in a very materialistic and instant gratification consumerism society that it’s easy to get caught up in buying the latest and greatest. Crafting supplies aren’t cheap and it seems like awesome products are being released on the daily that all our favorite people and friends use. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out can be a real feeling that causes you to take on the mentality of Keeping Up with the Joneses splurging on products we probably don’t need (or at least RIGHT NOW). I totally get it and I’m guilty to some degree of just the two examples I gave above.

The reason I may be more sensitive and having this epiphany is that recently my husband and I revisted our goal of buying our first home. We are in a rental home until early 2018 and with how fast 2017 is passing us by, I’ve realized we need to really buckle down and get into better financial health to be able to do it when this lease is up!

As of June 1st, I started a No Spend on crafting supplies. The items I see or really want have to be on my “Wish List” for a minimum of 30 days.

Some things I’ve thought about:

  • Not only will this help me decrease my impulse buys but it’ll also help me think about the importance or prioritization of this product versus another thing on my list (new nifty tool or new package of cardstock?)
  • One by-product of this challenge is being able to personally challenge myself to dig through new and old supplies I already have! I’m guilty of having supplies I haven’t used in months or having new stamp sets or inks I haven’t played with collecting dust.
  • How about trying those new techniques I rushed out to get supplies for?
  • How about using up some of my old paperpads and cardstock before getting new ones?

I’ll keep you posted!

PS- No new projects recently. I caught a nasty headcold and I am still getting over it. I hope to return to crafting later this week!


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