You Are Fabulous | Peerless Watercolors & Hero Arts

I was looking around my shared office space last week and realized I have nothing cute as décor or wall art! While this project originally started as an idea for a card front (which it could still be as it’s a regular A2-size), It may be a fun, summery piece near my computer monitor!

I cut some Strathmore watercolor paper to A2 size. I used a flat, wide paintbrush to generously wet the whole panel before going back in with two Peerless watercolor paints. If you have never heard of them, click here  to find out about this product and how it’s unique from typical watercolor pans and palettes!

I wanted the most concentration of color towards the bottom, similar to an ombre effect. I used the color Jackqueminot Red for the first layer, using more water towards the top so the color would be softer. I used my heat tool to dry that layer before applying my second color, Geranium Pink, in a similar fashion.  Please know I’m not a watercolor expert, and I only dibble dabble in this as an enthusiastic and relatively new card maker, ha!

summery card

I used the Hero Arts stamp set, You Are Fabulous, to stamp the sunglasses, lipstick, lips and the sentiment. Since this was on watercolor paper, I knew the texture could potentially interfere with getting smooth and crisp stamping so that’s where the MISTI tool came into play. I was originally going to leave it alone (the sunglasses and the sentiment were the only things stamped originally), but I took a risk and stamped the varying lipsticks and the lips. This card makes me want to go on a road trip into the sunset, in a convertible car with the wind blowing back my hair 🙂

I love the look of the watercolor and it’s times like these that I’m reminded how watercoloring for a card or project is fun and so satisfying!


Until next time, hope you have a wonderful day!


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