Crafting Hiatus | Quick Life Update

I apologize that it has been a month or so, since I have created a card and shared it on IG or here on the blog.

As I’m sitting here writing out this post, even I can’t believe what I’m going to be sharing in the following sentence… We’ve moved to Dallas, Texas! YES!

Back in the fall, Matt and I decided we wanted to try a new life adventure. We have no kids, don’t own a house, and well… nothing definitive rooting us back in the Pacific Northwest. So over dinner at a local brewery last October, we did a process of elimination and pros/cons of each place we were contemplating. We went in November to visit the Dallas Fort Worth area and then December was spent applying and interviewing at multiple organizations.

We just arrived last week and as to be expected… still unpacking and still trying to get our bearings.

I wanted to hop on here and just let you all know why I’ve been MIA. Granted, I’ll have to be doing some adjusting and experimenting to see how crafting will fit into my new schedule and flow in the upcoming weeks (months?) but I’m super motivated and excited to get back into it!

To also document this upcoming year of change and new experiences, I’m going to try my hand at memory planning! More to come on this as I get into it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’m hoping to come back asap!