Crafty Buys & Supplies | Tombow Dual Brush Pens and supplies from Dick Blick Art

I went to an elementary school where in second grade, we got to learn D’Nealian handwriting. I have been complimented by others (but I’ve often always disagreed) that I have nice penmanship. So much so, I would get volunteered to be the scribe for projects, demonstrations, and the like at school and at work.

Well, it must have gotten to my head because I want to enhance my penmanship by learning lettering and brush lettering! I have always wanted to learn how to make those beautiful, flowy and intricate flourishes and hand-written embellishments that seem to be trending all over right now!

I decided to be serious about it that I spent quite a bit of time scouring the internet looking for printable practice sheets, information about different and popular supplies, and bloggers and letterers to follow and watch on social media. I’m not an expert and perhaps some of my internet research may be misinformed or contradictory, so I apologize if you are chuckling (or maybe groaning?) over my ignorance on this topic.

I’m following a variety of letterers and calligraphers for inspiration. One artist I am OBSESSING over is Dawn, the creator behind Dawn Nicole Designs . 

I saved some money and purchased the 96 pen set of the Tombow Dual Brush pens from Blick Art Materials. I also purchased recommended paper for these pens, Canson XL Marker paper and Canson XL mixed media. Lastly, I purchased the Tombow Beginner Lettering Set.

blick art haul

tombow dual brush pen color tracker
This is a free printable off of the Tombow website. Who doesn’t love to swatch? Ha!

While I know there are many letterers, styles, preferences, theories, etc., I decided to stick to the free printables of Dawn Nicole Design. I have been drawn to her work through Instagram and her lovely website, plus she offers a lot of free and consistent content for her viewers and subscribers. I can always start with her items and progress to experimenting with others. Seriously check her out as a starting point! WARNING: It’s a rabbit hole of fun and informative stuff! I’m seriously hooked and fan-girling 😉

tombow dual brush pen first art
I found a quote that describes why I craft! This was my first time ever using Tombow Dual Brush pens just to experiment! 

On May 1st I decided to start out the month with a personal challenge! My goal is to do some lettering practice every day of this month! It sounded intimidating to me but I told myself even just 5-15 minutes of practice or experimenting can make a difference.

I will be posting my practice sheet progress in grouped posts to not inundate you with daily posts on this 😉 If you’re a letterer or calligrapher, send me some more tips, inspiration, and learning resources!