DISCLAIMER: This blog is a work in progress and I try to learn a new thing or two technology wise to be able to frequently re-vamp and update it. Thank you for your patience and I’m humbled you would stop by to check my blog out! Thank you!




  • Where else can I find you? On Instagram and my handle is @papertokens
  • How do I contact you? You can e-mail me at papertokens@gmail.com, leave a comment or message here or on Instagram!


  • What kind of nursing do you do? For the first few years of my nursing career, I worked as a bedside nurse working with medical and post-surgical adult patients. Since moving to Dallas, I’ve transitioned to an educator role supporting bedside nurses.
  • What’s your educational background? I have a Bachelor’s in Nursing, a Master’s in Nursing for nursing leadership, and I’m nationally certified in Medical-Surgical Nursing. I love school and I think I’d go back for my PhD eventually!
  • How’d you meet your husband? We are high school sweethearts and we met through a mutual friend and our town’s driver’s ed school. He is my rock and biggest supporter!
  • What kind of dog do you have? Hank is a Habibi Bear !